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Top International Engineering Corp. (in short TIEC), the official foreign name of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation (in short SCEGC), was founded in 1950. It is a large state-owned group enterprise under provincial government administration. TIEC is the first class corporation in ShaanxiProvincecertified with top-class qualification of general contracting for building construction and class A engineering qualification of construction industry, which has been authorized to run international business. TIEC has integrative abilities to undertake construction investment, engineering exploration, design, construction and managementetc. TIEC also involves into other industries like urban mass transit, ready-mixed concrete production & delivery, building decoration and finishing, horticulture works for ancient style building and garden, boiler research and manufacture, logistics, real estate development, medical & health education, tourism and hotel business running, etc.

With extraordinary strength, the corporation always ranks on the list of Top 500 Enterprises of China, and Top 100 Competitiveness Enterprises in China Construction Industry. In 2015, the corporation ranked No. 212 of “Top 500 Chinese Enterprise” and No. 4 of Top 100 Competitiveness Enterprises in China Construction Industry.

    With nearly 10,000 of professionals and technician personnel, including 87 professor level senior engineers, 1,508 senior engineers, 4,674 Chartered Constructors and Chartered Associated Constructors, TIEC has great advantages of construction talents resources in western region ofChinaand is the locomotive of the provincial construction corporations inChina.

    In recent years, TIEC has implemented hundreds of scientific research projects, and has been awarded 92 national and provincial science and technology prizes, 6 Huaxia construction science awards by Ministry of Construction, obtained 334 national and provincial level construction methods and 235 patents and participated in 90 national industry norms editing and compiling. 40 projects had been awarded the Lu-ban Prize, the highest architectural prize in Chinese construction field, 33 projects awarded national high quality engineering projects, 2 projects awardedChinacivil works “Zhan Tianyou” Prize, and 12 projects awarded China Construction Steel Structure Golden Prize.

Following the principle of equal development both in and outside the province, both at home and abroad, TIEC has completed a number of important projects and its overseas subsidiaries have spread over 23 countries. TIEC is now taking the big strides towards the strategy of dominating theShaanximarket, the national market and even the international market.

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